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3 Work In Progress Shows

Hi all,

I've got 3 work in progress stand-up shows at the Bill Murray this month (September (2019)). 

They're on the 11th, the 25th and the 9th (that one's in October to be fair).
They're all at 9.30pm, so will have an edgy late-night / sweary / tired feel. 
Not wanting to jinx it but I suspect at least two of them will be GOOD and one of them will be a TRIUMPH.

If you'd like to buy tickets (only £6.50 for Pete's sake) - you can do so here.
That link also contains some blurb and a list of some of the TV shows I've been in if that's the sort of thing you find reassuring.

The Bill Murray is here. It's an excellent venue in London's Islington. 

Please come if you can / want to.