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PANDEMONIUM on BBC1 30th December

Hi all,

I made a TV show during the old pandemic about a family trying to go on holiday during said pandemic and (spoiler alert) struggling. Here's a picture of me with the cast (e.g. Alison Steadman for goodness sake) to prove it. 

It's called Pandemonium and it's on at 9.45(pm) on BBC1 on the 30th (of December).

Despite having to wear masks all the time and not being allowed to high five the crew between takes, I'm really happy with how it's turned out. Please do tune in if you're the kind of person who likes to watch things when they're actually on. Otherwise maybe watch it on iPlayer here.

If you want to read an article by an American journalist attempting to get his head around it, there's one in, weirdly, the New York Times here.

Good luck! 


Tim Key's Radio 4 Show New Series Tonight at 11pm

Hi all,

Hope everyone's as well as can be expected and has enough loo roll / pesto.
Just to say that the new series of Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme (which I'm also in (not that you'd know it from the shamelessly self-promoting title)) starts at 11pm on Wednesday 18th March on Radio 4 and is on for the next 4 Wednesdays. 

If you miss it, it'll be on BBC Sounds (I think - don't completely understand the new app to be fair). You can listen to the last ep of the previous series if you want to get a sense of it here (there's not a plot to follow exactly so no pressing need to catch up). 

If you are self-isolating or were already quite an anti-social person and on the hunt for some entertainment / other human voices, please do give it a go.

Here's a picture of us (or some kind of flag maybe?) from a few years back which gives a sense of the tone of the thing.

Good luck!


Hi everyone,

Happy 2020. I know it's not been a terrific decade so far, but bear with it.

For one thing, I'm headlining the Musical Comedy Awards at (London's) Bloomsbury Theatre on April 4th, which I think we can all agree is exactly the tonic we need after Brexit and the sham Trump impeachment trial.

All the details are here.
Also, if you enter the promo code TOM2020 when buying tickets you get money off.

Because it's a musical-comedy-themed evening, it'll just be songs. So if you came to my show at the Soho Theatre last month and were all like 'Why were there only 3 songs in it, I want my money back etc etc'  - this gig will be way more up your street. 

Equally, if you're one of those people who sometimes comes to a gig wanting to hear old songs I don't really play anymore, I will almost certainly do them all here / take requests, provided a) I can remember them and b) it's one of my songs and not, for example, I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas.

[Here's a photo of me a fair while ago, wearing a t-shirt I no longer own, playing a guitar I subsequently sold to give you an idea of the sort of thing it'll look like. [But I'll be older. And probably in a shirt.]]


Soho Theatre Run January 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a 6 night run of my new stand up show SORRY THANK YOU PLEASE at London's (glittering) Soho Theatre in January 2020, which I know sounds like a long way off because it's in a new decade and everything, but it (genuinely) isn't.

Tickets and blurb and fun photo of me in a big chair here.

It's every night from the 13th - 18th, so no excuses not to come really. Also, it's a famously very depressing time of the year, so it'll do you good just to get out the house in my opinion.
Here's a photo of me thinking about Christmas in the meantime.


3 Work In Progress Shows

Hi all,

I've got 3 work in progress stand-up shows at the Bill Murray this month (September (2019)). 

They're on the 11th, the 25th and the 9th (that one's in October to be fair).
They're all at 9.30pm, so will have an edgy late-night / sweary / tired feel. 
Not wanting to jinx it but I suspect at least two of them will be GOOD and one of them will be a TRIUMPH.

If you'd like to buy tickets (only £6.50 for Pete's sake) - you can do so here.
That link also contains some blurb and a list of some of the TV shows I've been in if that's the sort of thing you find reassuring.

The Bill Murray is here. It's an excellent venue in London's Islington. 

Please come if you can / want to. 


Work In Progress Show at the BAC

19th July, 7pm at the Battersea Arts Centre.

I'm doing a (comedy) preview at the BAC's new(ish) outdoor courtyard space, which, if the weather is nice, threatens to be bloody lovely. If it's raining it'll be a disaster obviously, but let's see.

Here's a photo of someone else doing a show there so you can see what I mean:

It's a sort of cross between a comedy venue and Henman Hill. In a good way.

Details and tickets are here


I'm doing two work in progress stand up shows at The Bill Murray in Islington in March (21st and 27th at 9.30). An hour or so of very new stuff, maybe some songs.
Tickets and details all here:
(I couldn't find any photos of me doing stand up so here's a picture of Seinfeld doing it. I probably won't use this stance to be fair.)