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Here We Go (again) - Series 2 starts this Friday (2nd Feb) at 8pm on BBC1

Hi Everyone,

The first episode of Here We Go series 2 is very much on the telly this Friday at 8 on BBC1, and all 6 episodes plop onto iPlayer (I believe) directly afterwards, so it's basically all available at once if you can't/won't wait for weekly instalments. Please do tune in/click on it, depending on the technology you're using.

The Christmas Special is also on iPlayer now in case you missed that,( as well as all of Series 1 and the pilot from 2020.

There are some excellent guest stars in this series (eg Harry Enfield), and fun stuff involving going glamping, entering 5 a side football tournament and turning a hearse into an ice cream van, so it'll hopefully go some way towards compensating for the dire state of the weather/world.

Good luck!