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Tim Key's Radio 4 Show New Series Tonight at 11pm

Hi all,

Hope everyone's as well as can be expected and has enough loo roll / pesto.
Just to say that the new series of Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme (which I'm also in (not that you'd know it from the shamelessly self-promoting title)) starts at 11pm on Wednesday 18th March on Radio 4 and is on for the next 4 Wednesdays. 

If you miss it, it'll be on BBC Sounds (I think - don't completely understand the new app to be fair). You can listen to the last ep of the previous series if you want to get a sense of it here (there's not a plot to follow exactly so no pressing need to catch up). 

If you are self-isolating or were already quite an anti-social person and on the hunt for some entertainment / other human voices, please do give it a go.

Here's a picture of us (or some kind of flag maybe?) from a few years back which gives a sense of the tone of the thing.

Good luck!